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At the age of five, I found in an old copy of Joel Lehtonen's “Tarulinna” (story castle) in a cupboard in our summer cottage. I was a quiet and introverted child, but these wonderful stories like "The Folk of Hiittola" and "The Wine of Death" fed a deep hunger within me and felt like discovering my true self. That same book is still today a source of inspiration for me, and the story of the taming of Death is still my favourite.

For over 15 years, I have been entertaining others with these stories, at my own restaurant "Korkea Tammi" and at other events both private and public (Hämeenlinna medieval markets, Kaustinen folk music festival, Pitlochry Enchanted Forest festival to mention but a few.) There are also plans in place to work with BBC radio in the near future

I have a wide repertoire of stories from Finnish, Celtic, and other world traditions – I can always find something to fit every occasion! Performances are typically around 45 minutes long and include 2-3 stories but this can be taylored to fit in with the needs of your event.

So if you want to forget worldly worries and lose yourself for a moment in another world, just send for the storyteller...

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